World Kindness Day, The Golden Rule and ShelterBox


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1   Today is World Kindness Day.  Being kind to each other must be one of the most important attributes of the human.

2    I wrote a few weeks ago here of the Golden Rule, treat others as you wish to be treated. These words of Arthur Dunn ask an important question and one that is partly answered in the work of ShelterBox below. If only we all (including our governments) could live by this philosophy, the world would indeed be a kinder place.

Why should the Golden Rule be so difficult in business and foreign relations? The happily married treat each other as they wish to be treated. They treat their children better than they wish to be treated themselves. Unless we do unto a friend as we do unto ourselves, we lose a friend. In an emergency we rush to the aid of our neighbour. Is it…

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I’ve Joined Bloggers For Peace!

Monthly Peace Challenge: One Good Thing About Music

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I was in junior & senior high school during the early ’70’s. It was a time of much social strife — the empowerment movements, such as Black Power & Women’s Lib, were frightening & disconcerting & sometimes violent. Protests against the War in Vietnam were huge & loud, & came right into your living room through the power of photojournalism. Fear & stridency, revolution & uproar were flooding the culture. Everything was being questioned; people were trying to remake the world. At the time, I didn’t really know much about these things, but immersed in your own culture you cannot help but feel the zeitgeist. And, I definitely picked up on my parents’ anxiety — all of this noise, violence & to do was very much against their beliefs, as they felt Society Was Just Fine.

Music, of course, was changing during these years, as it really always is. And forgetting that their music…

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August Post For Peace

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love & peace
This month the Bloggers for Peace challenge from Kozo at everyday gurusis to invoke the power of music, and to post something about the intersection of music and peace.

After my husband got satellite radio and set it up in our house to blat away 24/7, our son, here on a weekend visit, wondered aloud why we kept it tuned to a station playing such bizarre and eclectic random stuff.  Those weren’t his exact words, but close enough. W told him “because that’s the only station your mother doesn’t turn off.” 

That was rather enlightening for all of us, illustrating, among other things, what a joy I am to live with.

I used to wonder why my dad seemed to be so sensitive to what he called “a bunch of damned noise” when it came to our teenage tastes in music, but now I get it.  There is music I like a lot…

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Letters – a Bloggers for Peace post

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This month’s challenge was to write a letter about peace, or send a letter out to peace, or imagine a letter coming back from peace or any and all variations of the above.

Well, I’ve interpreted this a little differently.  It’s not a letter to peace, but letters of peace: an A-Z of peace-related words.  Well, almost – I couldn’t find a x that I liked!

I always thought that ‘actions speak louder than words’ – that is, you can say you feel something, but if you don’t show that through your actions it has no meaning.  There should be a follow-through of some sort.

But I also realise that words have power (which is lucky for a writer!).

Words can wound and heal, words can be barbed and get stuck inside you, or they can  break through a wall you’ve built up.  The problem with words is that we…

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Bloggers for Peace – Monthly Challenge – Music

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 “It’s the silence between the notes

that makes the music.”

- Zen Proverb

For more information and to join

   Bloggers for Peace:

I turned down

all of the music,

all of the noise -

around me and inside

of me,

creating space

      for peace;    

then it felt right

to turn the volume

back up a bit.


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Howdy Peace Peoples


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Hey there! It’s Cheri from Cheri Speak. I have spent some time re-vamping the Bloggers for Peace website. Please poke around and check things out. I hope you like the changes. This is a much cleaner look and it is easier to navigate.

Also, I have added a “Goal & Event” calendar in the left side-bar.

Tah Dah!

You will notice there is already an August goal set. We are having a “membership drive” so-to-speak, and we would really love you participation. Can YOU get at least one of your friends to “Follow” the Bloggers for Peace blog? Help us surpass 700 “followers” before the end of August.

Kozo of Everyday Gurus and our compadre for Peace admin here has issued an August Blog Challenge for Peace. It’s a good one. We look forward to whatchya got!

As always, there is a section of marketing and promotional materials for Bloggers for Peace that we encourage you to use and to add to. If you have any great images or other materials to add, please let us know at:

Although the url that you see in the browser says, “wordpress” in it, we DO have a dedicated url that is redirected to this site. So, when you are telling people about us, all you have to do is send them to “” and they will land right here!

I hope everyone is having an amazing summer! Let’s make August an incredible month for Peace!

AUGUST Membership Drive


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Each month we will promote a specific goal and ask you to help us achieve it. There is a new “Goal and Event Calender” in the left side-bar for reference each month.

In August, we would love to see our “Followers” surpass the 700 mark. This is an easy goal if each of us can get just one other person to follow.

AUGUST Peace Challenge


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Monthly Peace Challenge: One Good Thing About Music….

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