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Welcome to Bloggers for Peace. However you found us, we are glad that you did!

Now that you’re here, let us tell you a little about what we do and who we are…

Imagine the impact we could make if every day the internet was awash in creativity, beauty, energy, emotion, and positive vibrations about Peace…

This is our goal and it is achievable with your help.

Bloggers for Peace is a group of hundreds of individuals from around the world who have committed to publishing at least one (1) post per month promoting peace or the idea of peace.

These posts might be creative stories, articles, photographs, videos, poems, memes, art  or interpretive medium.

Imagine, we already have  enough bloggers to literally have one “Peace Post” a day every day of the week!  Now…imagine the power of linking all of those posts together….

Bloggers for Peace is a community effort and we welcome you to our family.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…” ~ John Lennon

We ask that you help spread peace each day wherever you are, however you can. Write, re-post, share, like, follow, and spread the message because as a wise woman once said,

“If we have no Peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”  ~ Mother Teresa

HOW DO YOU JOIN THIS AMAZING EFFORT? And, what do you need to do?


  • Devote at least one post a month to, for or about peace. If you write poems or fiction, write a piece about peace. If you take photos, post a photo or gallery that reflects, symbolizes, defines, or creates peace. If you write rants, rant at something that disturbs the peace or rant about something that promotes peace. If you are into zen, post a blank white page. If you are an artist…you get the idea. Feel free to be creative. Peace has no boundaries. There are no mistakes. We have no enemies.
  • Put a “Bloggers for Peace” badge on your blog (see below). Put it anywhere on your blog; in the post, on your “about” page, as an image widget on your menu bar, on your “awards” page, on your avatar page, or as a tattoo! j/k
  • Link your post to at least one other post from a different Blogger for Peace. Hopefully, this will create a symbiotic synergy that will inspire others to create art/poetry/prose/photos/love on their posts about peace. Please add the tag “#B4Peace” to your post. This will also be a great way to get to know other Bloggers for Peace. I envision a virtual circle of us all holding hands in solidarity for peace.
  • Invite your followers and readers to join our effort and be sure to add instructions (or a link to them) on your post for others to join the group or link back to this post. This will help grow the movement and spread the message of peace wider.
  • Even when you don’t make a post, please re-blog or use the social media shares of other “peace posts”.

When you create a post for peace, please also copy it onto our FaceBook page HERE to further spread the message. This will also help increase traffic to your own Blog.

CONTACT BLOGGERS FOR PEACE: Bloggers4Peace@Gmail.com


58 responses to “WELCOME & ABOUT B4PEACE

  1. They’re available on Amazon

  2. For sure peace is possible, but at the present time there are not many preachers for peace working in the field. Lots of people who wanted to be a Blogger for peace seem to have disappeared or changed attitude having gone in the footsteps of their populist politicians.

    Today we find many more people who love to spread division and hatred, wanting to become very popular by their populist visions and speaking. Therefore, I would urge people to step forward and to take up the peace pipe to give it to more people around them and to spread the message of peace with much more fire. Today we even need it more than in 2013, after this site seemed to have gone silent and stopped bringing peace talkers together.

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