World Kindness Day, The Golden Rule and ShelterBox

I saw this on BlogHer today and it made perfect sense to re-blog it here.


1   Today is World Kindness Day.  Being kind to each other must be one of the most important attributes of the human.

2    I wrote a few weeks ago here of the Golden Rule, treat others as you wish to be treated. These words of Arthur Dunn ask an important question and one that is partly answered in the work of ShelterBox below. If only we all (including our governments) could live by this philosophy, the world would indeed be a kinder place.

Why should the Golden Rule be so difficult in business and foreign relations? The happily married treat each other as they wish to be treated. They treat their children better than they wish to be treated themselves. Unless we do unto a friend as we do unto ourselves, we lose a friend. In an emergency we rush to the aid of our neighbour. Is it…

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12 responses to “World Kindness Day, The Golden Rule and ShelterBox

  1. I did my meditation today and dropped my resentments about not having a car for quite some time I have had the money to buy one but I have ownership issues. I submitted my will back to source today and I am back in the balance of peace. I will not be dumping carbon-D into the air

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  4. I’m a bit late to this post but thanks, what a beautiful idea.

  5. (PEACE) WORDS and Universal Peace are two current graffiti projects by Roy Anthony Shabla. Repetition, consistency, and longevity are the key to an effective graffiti campaign. Please participate in the movement. Did you ever think a hoodie could change the world?

  6. Here’s something just begun that is going to change the world. It will take all of us that feel the change coming and want to be a part.

  7. Cheri, I reposted my blog with the hash tag you sent me. Please let me know if you got it alright. Hugs, Barbara

  8. I love the approach in the original publication. People often discuss peace in cliche’ and trending phrases. But the peace that transforms the world comes through us. Each personal making a personal commitment to find lasting peace and sharing peace through the way we treat others.

    See PIECE OF PEACE (AuthorHouse online Bookstore)

    This is about peace as the fundamental element of the coming new world.
    Free to share and pass on, as I do now to you all

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