Commit to post at least one (1) post for peace per month on YOUR OWN BLOG. Add a link to this site either in the body of your post or as a “related” article. Do not forget to add the following tags when posting anywhere; b4peace, #b4peace, bloggersforpeace, and #bloggersforpeace

If you do NOT have a Blog and do not wish to create and maintain one you can still participate! Here’s how:

1. Pass out the B4Peace big Flyer

2. Post the B4Peace small “water closet media” type flyer in public bathroom stalls everywhere you go.

3. Write a piece for peace and have one of us post it as a “guest blog” on our own blogs.

4. Share our URL’s; and/or

5. Hit the “like” and “share” buttons on our posts. Share posts on your social media.

6. Create a list of other “Peace Projects” with their links and provide it to us to follow-up and network with.

7. Create a list of “Peace Music” and provide it to us to post.

8. Tweet to Yoko Ono and ping her Blog too: Yoko Ono’s website and …let’s get the message to here loudly so she may re-tweet :)


5 responses to “PEACE ACTION

  1. Professions for PEACE

    Hooray! It’s launched! Look out World, here we LOVE 🙂

  2. My New Video . A Loving Message To Everyone

  3. James Michael Sabato

    Liking the idea of peace isn’t going to make it happen, action is…the more voices there are, the more likely we are to be heard. My petition for global unification and peace through music is on both sites. Please, pick one and sign for the betterment of mankind.

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