Howdy Peace Peoples


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Hey there! It’s Cheri from Cheri Speak. I have spent some time re-vamping the Bloggers for Peace website. Please poke around and check things out. I hope you like the changes. This is a much cleaner look and it is easier to navigate.

Also, I have added a “Goal & Event” calendar in the left side-bar.

Tah Dah!

You will notice there is already an August goal set. We are having a “membership drive” so-to-speak, and we would really love you participation. Can YOU get at least one of your friends to “Follow” the Bloggers for Peace blog? Help us surpass 700 “followers” before the end of August.

Kozo of Everyday Gurus and our compadre for Peace admin here has issued an August Blog Challenge for Peace. It’s a good one. We look forward to whatchya got!

As always, there is a section of marketing and promotional materials for Bloggers for Peace that we encourage you to use and to add to. If you have any great images or other materials to add, please let us know at:

Although the url that you see in the browser says, “wordpress” in it, we DO have a dedicated url that is redirected to this site. So, when you are telling people about us, all you have to do is send them to “” and they will land right here!

I hope everyone is having an amazing summer! Let’s make August an incredible month for Peace!


10 responses to “Howdy Peace Peoples

  1. Thanks for your time spent on the site. Looks good.

  2. Good job, Cheri! Thank you!

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  4. Can we update this? Am I the only one still blogging for peace?

    • Melanie, I blog for peace all of the time, but I haven’t seen Kozo around here (this page etc) since shortly after I built it. If you or someone who would like to take this page over, I am happy to turn it over to someone anytime.

      • Do you link your peace blogs to the page? I never see any new links to link back to in my be4peace blogs, so I stopped doing it. I still tag, but don’t link to others. Sorry, no time to manage a page.

      • No, I just post my posts on my own blog(s). This was supposed to be Kozo’s thing that I was helping him start. I think he actually started doing whatever this was supposed to be directly on his own blog. I think he felt it was a conflict between the two or something. No idea. I just never jumped in to actually mange any of this, just create the branding aspect and so on.

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