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  1. Hi, We are preparing a kickstarter campaign called The Secret Game, a World peace makeover and we are asking for your support to spread the word. Would you be willing to post information about our Kickstarter campaign as it goes live? We are preparing everything in advance, so that it ran smoothly. Please let us know. We have a lot of material available about the upcoming book, The Secret Game and spreading the message of World Peace? You can reach me at: or call me at 305-209-3010. Thank you, Maya

  2. Hello Bloggers 4 Peace,
    My name is Major R. Castleberry II., I am a Bay Area/United States Patented Inventor for “PEACE”!
    Bloggers 4 Peace, I have Invented, Manufactured, and Patented, a “Double Sided” “Custom Designed” Product Named “The Peace Jersey”!!!
    Tired of “The Senseless Violence” in Our Cities, Communities, and Schools! I had to Invent a “NEW” and Innovative Approach, & Method to Address… “Stop The Violence”!
    My goal is to use “The Peace Jersey” to help fund Non – Violent Programs and Organizations, keeping their doors open, and enabling them the ability to continue to Educate and Create “NEW” Activities and Mind Set Skills, to replace the thoughts and acts, of “Violence”!
    Bloggers 4 Peace …Please read my Story/Bio on I Need The World To Know Of, Support, Tweet, Blog… And Pledge My Campaign For “PEACE”!!!
    Major R. Castleberry II.

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