What Do YOU Want to do With This Blog?

Without going into any of the details I simply do not know, I would like to just offer any of the subscribers here the opportunity to take over this blog. When Kozo started the B4Peace campaign, I think an outside blog off of his own wasn’t what he intended so it is just here stagnant, yet created and of course editable and adjustable.

Would any of you like to take it over? OR, what would you like to see happen with it here if I were to try do something to operate/maintain it? There is also a Facebook page to go with it. Both are populated.

I appreciate any helpful input. Thanks!

~ C


7 responses to “What Do YOU Want to do With This Blog?

  1. We need your participation in the big peace conference World Thinkers and Writers Peace Meet in Kolkata, December 27-31. Please come, and come as delegates for the 14th session of the Provisional World Parliament that will be part of this conference and please give papers at the International Philosophers for Peace Conference that will also be included. Papers will be published. You can send an abstract to Dr. Patricia Murphy at pmurphy@sju.edu. Please also register as delegates for the Parliament. This is very important and we need your great intelligence, experience, and leadership to contribute to this historic event in Kolkata.

    Thanks so much,
    Warmest wishes,

    Becky Galdo
    Administrative Assistant to the President Glen T. Martin
    World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)

  2. World Peace Forum is a platform that needs bloggers world wide to keep on posting their perspectives and initiatives for peace. Together we can reach out more and more for a better, peaceful and just future.

    How could we help you to keep on posting? You are a true inspiration for other too.

  3. Love the idea and think your off to a great start, just need some new energy! Would love to see some new blogs. Hoping to start a blog in 2016 and would love to share here.
    My Facebook page has over 900 followers and I have 2 Etsy sites.


  4. Hi, I have only just seen this post as I haven’t checked in for such a long time. I still write b4peace posts on occasion, and love the idea of keeping the community going – can you contact me via my blog when you pick this up?
    EJ 🙂

  5. Your questions, paraphrasing, what would we do with Bloggers4Peace if we were to take it over?
    Along with my partner Jae Kamel, I publish the e-zine, Jae Kamel’s URLs; those are categorized, alphabetized, annotated links hand-picked by us for the benefit of our readers. We’ve been doing this for about nine years, with a few breaks and restarts.
    On two of our Lists, there is the Category, “Peaceniks And Their Kind”. Once before, I sent those to websites in that Category; feedback was disappointing.
    Every website on those lists has Peace as its main or first activity or concern. Every site there wants peace and is doing something to create or maintain Peace.
    So, if this were my blog, I would publish both lists here, so that all the peacekeepers and peacemakers could see who they are. And have the invitation to contact and work with each other, for Peace.
    Dr. Jone Dae

    The first list “Peaceniks And Their Kind” is category V. on Jae Kamel’s URLs – Part Deux; and the second one is “More Peaceniks”, category II. on A Tribute To Harmony’s List.
    Harmony’s List on my blog: https://jonedae.wordpress.com/2016/05/27/harmonys-list/
    And on Jae’s blog: http://jonedae.blogspot.com/2016/05/harmonys-list.html

    Part Deux on my blog: https://jonedae.wordpress.com/2016/01/08/jku-part-deux-january-2016-update/
    And on Jae’s blog: http://jonedae.blogspot.com/2016/01/jku-part-deux-update-2016.html

  6. Seeing that not much happened here any more, I would love to bring some movement again in this blog, though I have already some blogs running where is worked at spreading the peace message, like at From Guestwriters. > https://fromguestwriters.wordpress.com/
    But I do think the message is to be too important to go quiet.

    I do hope to hear from you and to get to know more people who want to spread the same message of peace and hope for the future.

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